A mobile punch clock solution that saves you time and money

Loggmi is a mobile punch clock application that uses mobile devices, GPS and NFC technology to boost your company's productivity.

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Loggmi lets you record and locate your employees' entrances and exits quickly and easily.

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How does loggmi work?

  • Using the mobile app

    The person in charge accesses the mobile app from his phone or tablet by identifying himself with his NFC keychain (Android), barcode card (iOS) or a secure password. He can then read the employees' keychains or cards. He can also punch himself in with his keychain or card.

  • Recording entrances and exits

    Employees swipe their NFC keychain or barcode card on the person in charge's phone or tablet at the start and at the end of their shift. The name of the employee, the date and time, the input method and location are automatically recorded in the central database.

  • Consulting and validating data

    Managers can consult all the transactions (entrances and exits) of employees with the management module, which is accessible using a secure password. They can validate and correct inexact transactions and enter transactions manually.

  • Producing reports and exporting data

    Managers can use the management module to produce reports per employee or per project showing all the hours for any given time period (day/month/year). They can also export validated transactions to the accounting system.


See how LOGGMI can save you big in time and money :

  • Accurately control your employees' entrances and exits

  • Get real-time access to recorded data

  • Track your employees in the field with GPS

  • Export data to your accounting system to simplify payroll operations

  • Avoid the need to re-enter data

  • Analyze data using personalized reports

Imagine recovering even 15 minutes
per week per employee!

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Examples of Loggmi at work

Loggmi is designed to help any company simplify the management of its employees' entrances and exits, but more specifically those employees working in the field or on the road.

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